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Hello, my name is Nicole Frye, and this is my site, and my experience with TruVision. “What do you have to lose, but weight” is what I asked myself upon starting. I will be the first to tell you I have lost so much weight 135 lbs. to be exact, and still going strong. I also have gained so much during this process; and that being my life again, and the relationship with my husband who is down 80 lbs. himself. I urge you to no longer think about it, and just join us. I’m here for you, and to encourage you through this transformation lets walk this journey together.

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I could scream it from the roof tops. 122 lbs. gone in 12 months. This is no joke. My health was no joke. Thank you, TruVision, for giving me my life back. When I say if I can do anyone can do it. That is EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN.

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I just turned 40 in February and I was worried that I was too late, and my body would be working against me. But I didn't give up. Every day was a new challenge and I got through them. From heal spares to having flat foot. Working out was and is a challenge, so I focused on eating healthy but with TruVision TruCONTROL that part was the easiest part. I lost lots of inches and over 25 lbs. and dropped pants size 24-26 to 20. But my journey isn't over I'm going forward and will continue with True for another year plus as I want to stay health and I love how I feel on my pills. TruVision has given me hope where hope was lost. Thank you!

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Lizz Shares

To say that our products have changed my life is an understatement. I am down a total of 55 lbs. & so many inches. I never thought I would be this size in my adult life. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been and loving myself! 😍 I wake up feeling refreshed and have the energy to run two businesses while working 40 hours at a 9 to 5. That makes it all worthwhile to me!!

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Jeannette shares

My Husband Charles (below) and I started severely unhealthy, and diabetic. When we started he was over 12pts over on his A1C numbers. Charles is also down 97lbs. My numbers are pretty good too and I am now down 63lbs. We have also been using these products for a little over a year now.

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TruVision products have saved my life. I am finally in control! I am now able to get outside and play with my daughter and participate with her in the sports she loves. I'm able to walk around theme parks without the pain in my knees and getting out of breath. I have participated in my first 10k race. All these things were improbable without the help from TruVision. I am down a total of 76 lbs. and I feel AMAZING!

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This is YOUR year!!! Start now to give yourself a better Life. I'm off all prescription medications, down 40+ lbs., half my body size from a size 16 to an 8, no longer require naps, no caffeine to keep me going, and sleep the best sleep of my life!

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