Here are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the Truvision combo different?

Ever wonder why you hear inches are coming off even when the weight remains the same. Unlike most diet pills ours is not a thermogenic product.

TruFix balances the blood chemistry, no matter if your BMI is too high or too low. Your body is balanced through your blood chemistry so that means that it is a WEIGHT MANAGEMENT system as it balances the body to a healthy and balanced BMI. TruFix assists in cleansing the liver, lowering cholesterol, and balancing blood sugar. All these things go hand in hand with cleansing the body, losing weight, and increasing energy. Our weight loss combo is NOT a diet pill! It is a supplement, one that balances your body. It is NOT likely that you will balance your body overnight as you did not get unhealthy / overweight overnight AND it may take more time for some than others as our bodies are all different. When you commit to losing weight and getting healthy our weight loss combo, when taken consistently, will make that process so much easier.

Taking traditional “diet products” that are thermogenic force your body to lose weight and our combo works with your body, you see when you force the body to lose weight you also lose lean muscle mass and organ tissues can be depleted as well… This is VERY unhealthy!! TruFix & TruCONTROL are formulated as a combo and for optimal results you must take them together, this will ensure that you retain your lean muscle tissue and deplete only the visceral fat. So many people are asking others “Are you in the GYM?” or “What is your workout schedule” because when your lean muscle becomes healthier and the visceral fat stores are being dissolved this gives you the appearance that you are working out. You will also notice less weight lost in the breast tissue and that is because the TruFix dissolves the visceral fat and breast tissue is subcutaneous fat.

Our weight loss combo, the TruFix & TruCONTROL synergistically work TOGETHER which means that IF you want LONG LASTING RESULTS then you MUST take them together and be CONSISTENT!!

When can I expect to see results?

There are many factors that can affect how rapidly one begins to lose weight. These supplements are designed to help curb appetites and increase energy for a more active lifestyle, which also contributes to weight loss if taken advantage of. The number of pounds and inches lost will vary with each individual, but we have found it’s not unusual for one to start losing weight within the first week.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please check out our Contact page to contact us.

How long does it take to receive the products once I’ve placed my order?

Once you’ve placed your order, you should expect to see your product within 4-6 business days. If you need your product sooner, we do have expedited shipping.

If I sign up as a retail or preferred customer, can I later change to become an associate?

You can change your account status anytime you like. Simply call customer service at 801-281-7420, and we’ll change the status to reflect what you currently want.

Are these products Glutens Free?


Can I take these products during pregnancy or while nursing?

Studies have shown that the ingredients found in our products are safe to use during pregnancy or nursing. However, we always recommend you consult your healthcare professional before taking ours or any other supplement.

How much caffeine do these supplements contain?

This supplement contains about as much caffeine as your common over the counter headache relief medication (i.e. Excedrin). However, this supplement does not contain stimulants sufficient to cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms (dizziness, heart palpitations etc.) The stimulants are enough to help your body lose weight in a natural and healthy manner.

Why are the products sent in a blister pack?

TruVision is committed to the highest quality possible. Bottles of product lose potency in two ways. When the bottles of product are opened and closed repeatedly day after day the oxidation that occurs through the bottle itself as it sits at the manufacturing facility and at your home. Blister packaging controls both forms of potency loss. The product is unopened until you use it and the foil controls the oxidation loss far more than the bottle does.

Will I fail my drug test on TruVision?

There is nothing in the products that would cause a false positive on a drug test. NOTE: Anytime a person takes a drug test they should ALWAYS list any, and all dietary supplements, medication, etc. on the form or inform the testing facility of anything they use.